My name is Andrada Lazar. I was born in Romania in 1999. I love travelling, listening to music and play sports.

This image is my home city

This image represents the city of Targu Mures in Romania. It is the city where I was born in. I wanted to share this image because I think it is a beautiful city and everyone should see it.

This is a map

In this image we can see the map of the world, two different cameras and a girl pointing a destination on the map. I wanted to share this image because I love travelling and in the future I would like to travel the world.

This image is my volleyball team at Dawson

This image represents my last year's co-ed volleyball team at Dawson. I wanted to share this picture because volleyball is my favorite sport and my team was amazing, we won 3rd place.

Life Aspirations

One of my aspirations is to have a fulfilling life where, when I am 70 years old, I can look back and feel happy about the richness of it all. Live a life where I have been able to travel across the world and experience peoples and cultures.

This image is a airplane

I would like to have a life where I hope to find a loving companion and give my parents the respect and comfort that they deserve. I would like to get married.

This image is a couple getting married

Finally, I would like to create my own company and be financial stable.


I am currently studing at Dawson College in Montreal in the program "General Social Science". In march 2018, I will apply to Concordia University in the program "Business Administration".

This is Dawson College

Sites Frequently Visited

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