Travelling Places


Travelling to Four Countries

My name is Andrada Lazar and on the next web pages I am going to present you four countries I have visited in the world, except the country I was born into (Romania) and the country I am linving in (Canada). The five places I will present are Holguin, New York, Florida, Paris and Puerto Plata.


This image is Cuba

My family and I went to Cuba at least 7 times in our life. It is one of our favorite places. We love the beach a lot and the people there are very friendly. You will learn more about the time we stayed at a hotel in Holguin.

United States

This image is The United States

I went twice to the United States. Once I visited New York City with my high shcool and the other time I went to Florida with my family. We went to Disney Land and Universal Studios.


This image is France

When my family and I went to France, we visited the city of Paris where we saw the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the catacombs of Paris.

Dominican Republic

This image is Dominican Republic

Last March, I had the chance to visit Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic with my best friend and her family. The food, the hotel, the beach and the atmosphere were amazing!